Uganda - The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with fantastic natural scenery, half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population and some of the friendliest people in Africa. It is also a unique and captivating tourist destination straddled across the Equator and perched on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Situated at the heart of the African continent, Uganda offers a range of adventure and holiday activities which range from gorilla tracking, world class white water rafting at the Source of the Nile and game viewing within the peaceful unpolluted and undegraded national parks. In terms of its size, Uganda is relatively a small country roughly the size of Great Britain or the State of Oregon in the United States America. Despite its small size, Uganda is the most alluring safari destination in Africa given its features which include undegraded and unpolluted forests, shimmering lakes and mountains. Most of the country is 1,000 m above sea level and there are three mountainous areas - the Rwenzoris, Mount Elgon and the Virunga volcanoes.

Uganda Culture

Uganda’s population is estimated to be 27 million people growing at a rate of 2.5% per annum. It is made up of complex and diverse range of tribes with the majority (98%) being Africans who fall into 4 major ethnic groups; Bantu, Nile Hamites, Nilotic and Hamite groups. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu speaking peoples, who dominate much of East, Central and Southern Africa with the Baganda taking the biggest percentage. Most of the Bantu speaking people formed their own kingdoms; Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro, Ankole and Tooro. Before the coming of the British these kingdoms were organized political settings with Buganda having the most civilized and highly centralized monarchy. In the north live the Lango (near Lake Kyoga) and the Acholi (towards the Sudanese border) who speak Nilotic languages. To the east are the Iteso and Karamajong who are related to the Masai pastoralists of Kenya. In the forests of the west live the Batwa, a pygmy related tribe thought to originate from Congo. Ugandans are very polite, enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming people who will often greet strangers on public transport or in rural areas. It is always not a simple “hello” but also How are you? How is your family? and the interest is genuine.

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