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When To Visit Tanzania

There are three separate zones in Tanzania, the bushveld, the mountains and the coast.

Inland the climate is tolerable most of the year round, although it is worth planning around the two annual wet seasons which occur between March and May, and November and January. During the summer months between late November and March temperatures can rise to above 30°C. Winter temperatures, between June and August, average a more modest 20°C to 27°C

On the coast it can get extremely hot in summer with stifling humidity, and unless you particularly enjoy this, these months are worth avoiding. Winter temperatures and humidity are lower, although the atmosphere is still warm, and beach weather can be expected enjoyed all year round.

If you are climbing Kilimanjaro then a good idea is to fit your trip in between the main wet seasons. It is a fact that when it rains in the tropical highlands of Africa it truly rains. The optimum months for a trip to Kilimanjaro lie between January and mid-March, and from June to October. However rain can still occur during these times. It is worth remembering that sometimes the local national parks authority will suspend trips on the mountain during December thanks to heavy rains – although it is also a fact that Christmas and New Year are very popular dates for Kilimanjaro ascents.

June to October are the main European academic holidays, so this is the most busy time in Tanzania.